Happy Spring!  We've made it through another cold winter and couldn't be happier for longer days and warm sunshine!  Along with the blue skies, beautiful flowers and blooming trees, some of us experience the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal allergies . As it happens, May is mouthbreathing awarness month.  Mouthbreathing caused by nasal congestion can wreak havoc on your oral health.  The bacteria and viruses in your mouth become toxic without the self-cleaning benefits of healthy saliva.  To get some relief, try to use nasal sprays, decongestants, drink lots of water and meticulously brush and floss your teeth daily.  Children who mouthbreathe are more likely to experience sleep issues, attention deficiencies, altered facial growth, as well as tooth decay and gingivitis.  Try to keep your lips closed and only breathe through your nose.

  Dr's. Zimmerman and Herman are committed to providing the most up-to- date and technologically advanced treatment possible for their patients.  This commitment has brought us a way to provide an image model of your teeth using our new digital scanner.  A full mouth scan allows the doctors to give a more comprehensive evalutaion of our patients teeth and bite.  We can even provide a simulated outcome to create the smile of your dreams. 

  Our doctors, hygienists and assisants are always learning and growing as professionals.  We all take many advanced courses and are constantly researching the best way to provide excellent care to our patients.  Ask us what we've learned lately!

  Congratulations to all of our High School and College graduates!  We are so proud of all of you.

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